Medicinal Smudge Workshop Clean and Restore Positive energy with medicinal plants

Next Workshop in New York City

Saturday June 15th, 2 to 5pm 
at Ambrosia Elixirs


We will provide you with a detailed ebook so you don’t need to take notes

Materials Included

Herbs, resins and flowers that will be used in class. 

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Workshop Cost: $50
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Medicinal Smudge Workshop Overview

sahumo taller


  • What is Smudge?
  • What is energy and why do we need to clean it?


  • What do we need?
  • How to choose the right materials?


  • How to smudge physical spaces
  • How to smudge people
  • How to smudge other animals


  • Smudge Ceremony  (Participants should bring an incense burner)


  • Other ways of energy cleaning
  • Medicinal smudge plants guide with Herbs. Resins, Flowers, Rinds, Fruits and Roots

About the workshop facilitator

Joy Sapoznik

Joy Sapoznik


I began my training with the “Green Apprenticeship” program of sustainable development and Permaculture at Lotan, a community located at the Aravá Desert in Israel. Completed the international certificate of Gaia Education in Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) 

Facilitated workshops since 2011 and founded El Brote Urbano in 2012 where, in addition to facilitating training, I serve as director.

My educational approach is holistic, integrating all my knowledge acquired though experience and the following trainings: Permaculture, Holistic Phytotherapy, Plant alchemy, PsicoBioEmotional Reprograming Therapist, Reiki level I & II, Bach Flower Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

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Ready to sign up?

Workshop Cost: $50
 Register by June 1st and get 10% off
 Register with a friend to get an extra 10% off